Pro-Challenge-Historical Record

First contested in 1989 in Santa Barbara, CA and last contested, before being retired. in 2009 onboard the Norwegian Pearl Cruise vessel, the Pro-Challenge was the creation of Bill Adams which was originally titled the “Pro 2000 Contest” to denote the value of the monetary prize.  In 1994 the award was re-titled “The Pacific Rim Professional Magic Challenge” by President Shawn Farquhar at the national assembly meeting in Ontario, California.

The first place winners are as follows:

Year Champion Host City
2009 Trevor Watters & Lorena Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship
2008 Chin-Chin Monterey, California
2007 Shu Yan Yu Calgary, Alberta
2006 Shayne King Victoria, British Columbia
2005 Master Payne Norwegian Star Cruise Ship
2004 Darcy Oake Seattle, Washington
2003 Paul Romhany Coquitlam, British Columbia
2002 Jeff McLeod Page, Arizona
2001 Dave Womach Palm Springs, California
2000 Matt Singleton Portland, Oregon
1999 Murray Sawchuck Anaheim, California
1998 Steffan, Soule Seattle, Washington
1997 Damien James Calgary, Alberta
1996 Jason Byrne Reno, Nevada
1995 Sylvester The Jester Santa Rosa, California
1994 Danny Cole Ontario, California
1993 Raphael & Elena Vancouver, BC
1992 Shawn Farquhar Asilomar, California
1991 (Not Held)
1990 Nicholas Knight Ventura, California
1989 Mike Giles Santa Barbara, California