Jason Ladanye to appear at PCAM 2020

Jason Ladanye is a professional, award-winning sleight-of-hand entertainer who has performed card magic all around the world for the last twenty years. Jason exposes the underground world of cheating at cards and how to beat Las Vegas if you have the skills. He has spent a lifetime mastering this skill set and it’s an experience your guests will never forget. This will be his first appearance at PCAM and we know our PCAM family is going to love him!

Want to learn more about Jason: https://www.cardmagicbyjason.com/

Register today strictly by donation: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/pcam-2020-magic-convention-tickets-125668254131

Ariann Black to appear at PCAM 2020

Long before reaching fame on television or as a magician for hire for the rich and famous, Ariann was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since then she has run her own entertainment business for over 20 years. She has successfully worked in the demanding entertainment city of Las Vegas, performed on Broadway, and performed on stages around the world. Ariann has also been a featured artist on US and international broadcast television shows.  She’s returned to Canada and we’re lucky to have her as a special guest of this years convention.

Want to learn more about Ariann: https://ariannblack.com/

If you have yet to register you should do it soon as we are limiting registration and they really are disappearing fast!


Tim Ellis to appear at PCAM 2020

All the way from Australia, thanks to the virtual convention format, we are thrilled to announce that Tim Ellis will join us once again for another PCAM. I believe his first PCAM was just two years ago, so he still a newbie to PCAM, but he a veteran magician who has performed around the globe in just about every venue possible. He’s a FISM winner who’s as comfortable on a cruise ship stage as he is in his own Laneway Theatre.

Want to learn more about Tim: https://www.timellismagic.com/

Phil Ackerly to appear at PCAM 2020

Phil’s no stranger to the PCAM, in fact his first PCAM was in 1979 when we visited San Francisco. He’s been in our contests a few times and has won second place for Showmanship and first place in Close Up. Since then he’s been voted the Bay Area’s Best Party Entertainer for 5 years by Bay Area Parent Magazine!

Want to learn more about Phil: https://www.ackerly-entertainment.com/

Elliott Hunter to appear at PCAM 2020

We’re happy to announce another member of the PCAM family has agreed to be part of our virtual convention. He’s the current reigning Magic Master Summit International Champion and has won the Stage Magician of the Year from the PCAM in the past. His unique style and positive energy are contagious and we know you will love what he has to offer in this virtual format.

An evening spent with Elliott Hunter is more memorable and unique than his ginger genetics! 

Want to learn more: https://www.ehuntermagic.com/


Paul Draper to appear at PCAM 2020

Paul Draper joined the PCAM family back in 2002 when we held the convention in Page. Arizona. He took first place in the Bag O’ Tricks contest, which means you know he’s super creative. He also took first place in Mentalism and second place in Platform as well.

Lately Paul has been a pioneer in the virtual magic world, having done shows to critical acclaim. He’s generously agreed to present a few of his miracles during our virtual convention an we’re excited to see what he has in store.

If you want to see what he’s going to present, you need to register today as space is limited. Registration is purely by donation as we know the pandemic has affected many of our fellow magicians and we want to be inclusive.


Want to learn more about Paul: https://mentalmysteries.com/

Boris Wild to appear at PCAM 2020

Fresh from his amazing performance on Fool Us where he fooled the pants off Penn & Teller, and just about every magician on the planet, we’re pleased to announce Boris Wild will join PCAM all the way from Paris, France. He’s offered to share a little of his magic and the story of his experience on Fool Us. This will be an event you will not want to miss, I guarantee it…

You can register today before we sell out… space is limited.


Want to learn more about Boris: https://boriswild.com/

Master Payne to appear at PCAM 2020

Master Payne has been a part of the PCAM Family for nearly two decades! He’s master of thematic magic, clever patter, and devilishly good magic. We’re super excited to feature him on our list of guests for PCAM 2020, the virtual convention. Plan to be there to see what he has in store!

Register today, space is limited and it’s totally by donation.


Want to learn more about Master Payne: http://www.masterpaynemagic.com/

Bill Cook to appear at PCAM 2020

Bill Cook is one of the most talented young magicians I have ever seen. Besides being a flawless magician, he is a great entertainer!  Personality, originality, creativity; add them up and you have Bill Cook!

-Lance Burton, Master Magician

What more do I need to write? Seriously, if you have seen him work you know what to expect and if you haven’t you’re in for a treat!

Bill has been a part of the PCAM family for years and I couldn’t imagine not having him as part of our first virtual convention.

Come be part of the fun…

Want to learn more about Bill: http://www.billcookmagic.com/



PCAM 2020 is going virtual and we have a date. Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 22, 2020, to reunite the PCAM family! Our plan is to use ZOOM and allow 100 guests to interact, share, and learn magic. We even plan to host a contest or two as is our tradition. More details to follow in our next few posts.

For now, the best news is you can register right now and it’s totally by donation. We know many in our PCAM family are hurt greatly by this pandemic, while others are not affected financially. We didn’t want to exclude anyone so this year, it’s not a couple of hundred dollars to attend and you don’t have to put a dime out on accommodations either. So this year you can pay what you can afford and nothing more. Since our expenses will be lower than normal it’s our intention is to use the funds to help those that help us to make this happen by offering presentations, lectures, and keynote talks.

Check out future post for the line up of guests.