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PCAM 2020

Many of you have been asking about what is happening with the 2020 Pacific Coast Association of Magicians convention. Unfortunately, due to the current situation with the COVID 19 pandemic, the PCAM convention is officially on hold. In the interest of everyone’s safety in our PCAM family, we hope that you understand that this is the best action to take at this time. Also, the venue where the convention was to be held is not comfortable in scheduling any large groups at this time.  Once the Government (State of California) announces that large groups can gather safely again we will proceed with planning the convention. 

We ask that all our PCAM family to be patient and standby until we know that it is safe to proceed. On behalf of the 2020 PCAM Convention planning committee, we thank you for your understanding on this matter. 



PCAM 2019 – Philippines

Pacific Coast Association of Magicians &
Philippine International Magic Convention
PCAM / PIMC 2019
April 24 – 26, 2019
SMX Convention Center / SMX Aura
Taguig City, Philippines

The first International Magic Convention held in the Philippines for this century produced and organized by Cecile and Mighty International under the management of Raul Fernandez. This convention opens up the way for Asian magicians and magic enthusiasts to experience the teachings, the competition and the fellowship of Magicians and Gurus from the West and to be part of an International Magic Convention.

This convention is a tribute to the late Magician Sword Swallower  ” DEMILO “, Asia’s pride.

The location is the SMX Convention center in Taguig City.  Here’ a short video:

The city of Taguig, Filipino: Lungsod ng Taguig is a highly urbanized city located in the south-eastern portion of Metro Manila in the Philippines. Taguig lies on the western shore of Laguna de Bay and is bordered by Muntinlupa to the south, Parañaque to the southwest, Pasay to the west, Cainta and Taytay on the northeast and Makati, Pateros, and Pasig to the north. The Taguig River, a tributary of the Pasig River, cuts through the northern half of the municipality and Napindan River, also a tributary of the Pasig forms the common border of Taguig with Pasig.

Visit the website:

Closest Airport: Ninoy Aquino International AirportManila, Philippines



Master Payne has an entertainingly offbeat outlook on the performance of magic. He is known for his thematic, character driven presentations, an aspect of magic he has specialized in ever since he was asked to create an act for the Camlann Mediaeval Faire in Carnation Washington. A venue which he has been the official Faire Magician since it’s opening in 1981.

He has presented his Mediaeval\Renaissance act abroad, delighting audiences in England and even traveled to Guam to appear at a Renaissance themed Arts Festival held in the posh Tumon Bay Hilton.  His other accomplishments include being a Columnist for MAGIC Magazine from May 2012 to December 2014, A product reviewer for MUM Magazine a “Guest Geek” in the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow as well as being the inspiration for the Master Payne character in the Hugo Award winning Girl Genius web comic.

He is a regular speaker at Jeff McBride’s Magic and Meaning Conference, and reprised some of these presentations at the 2011, 2013, and 2016 MAGIC Live Conventions. He has appeared at the Magic Castle where he performed his trademark Twenty minute Coin in Bottle Routine. Thus setting a record of being the only performer to present a single trick set in the Parlor. In 2005 was the Gold Medal Winner of the PCAM Pro Challenge. He is the author of Sometimes the Jokes are Just for Me a slim volume on the performance and presentation of thematic magic. He is a native of Washington State and currently resides in Seattle

For more information read all about him in the February 2010 edition of MAGIC or visit his website


Chris Capehart is an accomplished master magician. He is respected throughout the world by his peers, applauded for his skills by the most famous of magicians and sought after for repeat performances by clients. Chris has done it all. In thirty-five years he has performed on the big stage, lectured to magicians, become a famous, accomplished street performer, created routines and mastered the linking rings. He has been published and imitated throughout the world. His skill at close-up is no less than astonishing. His quick comeback verbal skills sharpened on the streets of New York City have made him an outstanding comedian.

​We are super excited to have Chris at PCAM 2018!

Kayla Drescher is excited to bring her unique style of magic to the 2018 PCAM Bakersfield! Kayla has performed for clients such as Microsoft, IBM, Johns Hopkins University, and many more.  You may have seen her on The Today Show when she won David Copperfield’s “Search for the Next Great Magician”.  More recently, she was featured on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us on the CW Network.  Kayla focuses on combining magic with organic objects, hilarious comedy, audience participation, and lots of fun.  Outside of magic, Kayla enjoys sports, snacks, and big dogs.

Joshua Jay has been called magic’s Renaissance man by MAGIC Magazine. It’s not hard to see why: he is a performer, lecturer, author, and photographer of all things mysterious. He maintains a globetrotting performance schedule–Jay has performed in over fifty countries and appears regularly on national television (most recently on Good Morning America and the Today Show). His performance style is completely unique: he performs with ordinary, borrowed objects, causing them to twist, bend, appear, and vanish at will. At only seventeen years old Joshua Jay was crowned world champion for close-up magic at the World Magic Seminar, and he is now regarded as one of the leading creative forces in the magic world.

Joshua Jay is the author of thirteen books for magicians. In 2009 he penned a best-selling magic book, MAGIC: The Complete Course, and had his fine-art photography exhibited in several shows (appearing recently at the Culture Museum in Linz, Austria). From corporate functions to private parties to VIP backstage events, Joshua is performance-driven. His track record of success includes the production of his 2010 sell-out one-man show, “Unreal,” that enjoyed runs in New York, Ohio, Florida, and Las Vegas.

This will be Joshua’s ONLY west coast lecture and we are so excited to have him at PCAM Bakersfield 2018!

Trevor and Lorena Watters have become one of the hottest teams in the comedy magic world. Their show is a unique blend of classic comedy and magical innovation. Their show has been described as “priceless” and “fun”.  With over 20 international awards including the Siegfried and Roy “Golden Lions Head” from the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas it is clear to see why they are the most sought after comedy magic duo in North America. Trevor and Lorena take their audience on a roller coaster ride of laughter, mischief, audience participation and spectacular illusions. Both are truly two of a kind. PCAM is so excited to have these two at this year’s convention.

You still have time to save money and secure your spot at PCAM 2018.



PCAM 2018 Dates & Location Announced

PCAM’s new President, Christopher Lopez has announced that the 85th annual PCAM will be held in Bakersfield, CA from August 9th to the 12th. It’s perfect timing to allow you to attend both MAGIC Live and the PCAM. Who could ask for anything more?

Advance registration is now open and questions can be sent to:

[email protected]

PCAM 2017 Contest Winners

•Category #1: Stage Magic – Juveniles (aged 13 and under)
First place – Theo Chattra
Second place – Cole Farden

•Category #2: Close-Up Magic – Juveniles (aged 13 and under)
First place – Theo Chattra
Second place – Cole Farden

•Category #3: Stage Magic – Juniors (aged 14 to 18)

•Category #4: Close-Up Magic – Juniors (aged 14 to 18)

•Category #5: Mentalism
First place – Ryan Lackey
Second place – Ron Saylor

•Category #6: Close-Up Magic
First place – Ryan Lackey
Second place – Henry Tom

•Category #7: Most Novel or Innovative
Not awarded

•Category #8: Platform Magic
First place – Billy Hsueh
Second place – Care Elise

•Category #9: Stage Magic
First place – Sandra and Heather McNeill
Second place – Ron Saylor

•Category #10: Comedy or Novelty Magic
First place – Alex Seaman
Second place – Christopher Lopez

•Category #11: Best Assistant
First place – Valerie Saylor
Second place – Gwyn Auger

•Category #12: Children’s Entertainment
First place – TIE – Christopher Lopez and Chris Gowan

And of course, we can’t forget one of the crowd favourites,

• “Bag O Tricks” competition.
First place – Glen LaBarre

• S.A.M. #95 One Hand Cut-A-Thon
First place – Jesse Bedard

PCAM 2016 Contest Winners


Category #1 Juvenile Stage Magic
Gold Medal Miles Tresser
Silver Medal Logan Graupmann

Category #2 Juvenile Close Up Magic
Gold Medal Miles Tresser
Silver Medal Devin Graupmann

Category #5 Mentalism
Tied for Gold Medal
Gold Medal Ron Saylor
Gold Medal Will Zhang & Matt Stewart

Category #6 Close Up Magic
Gold Medal Leo Kanzelbereger
Silver Medal Zac Daniels

Category #8 Platform Magic
Gold Medal Bob Bolivar

Category #9 Stage Magic
Gold Medal Jonathan Sywulka
Silver Medal Dean Apple

Category #10 Comedy Magic
Gold Medal G Sparks
Silver Chris Lopez

Category #11 Best Assistant
Gold Medal Debbie Apple
Silver Medal Gwyn Auger

Category #12 Children’s Entertainment
Gold Medal Chris Lopez

PCAM 2015 Contest Winners

•Category: Stage Magic – Juveniles (aged 13 and under)

GOLD – Hannah & Haley Biane
SILVER – Devin Graupmann

•Category: Close-Up Magic – Juveniles (aged 13 and under)

GOLD – Theo Chattra
SILVER – Devin Graupmann

•Category: Stage Magic – Juniors (aged 14 to 18)

GOLD – Elliott Hofferth
SILVER – Ben Eskenazi

•Category: Close-Up Magic – Juniors (aged 14 to 18)

GOLD – Ben Eskenazi

•Category: Mentalism

GOLD – Jeff Christensen
SILVER – Ron Saylor

•Category: Close-Up Magic

GOLD – Jim Vines
SILVER – Junichi Tamura

•Category: Most Novel or Innovative

GOLD – Not Awarded

•Category: Platform Magic

GOLD – Jeff Christensen
SILVER – Ron Saylor

•Category: Stage Magic

GOLD – Steve Hamilton
SILVER – Bruce Meyers

•Category: Comedy or Novelty Magic

GOLD – Steve Hamilton
SILVER – Chris Bange

•Category: Best Assistant

GOLD – Gwyn Auger

•Category: Children’s Entertainment

GOLD – Christopher Lopez
SILVER – Mike Norden

And of course, we can’t forget one of the crowd favorites, the annual “Bag O Tricks” competition.

FIRST PLACE – Joe Turner and Glen LaBarre (tie)

S.A.M. #95 One Hand Cut-A-Thon

FIRST PLACE – Matthew Jones

PCAM 2013 Contest Winners

P.C.A.M. 2013 Contest Winners

“In all my years of running this event I have not seen a more stellar line up like we had at the 2013 Convention.”
– Kevin Cardona

Juvenile Stage
Gold: Aidan Lam

Silver: Matthew Levine
Juvenile Close-up

Gold: Aidan Lam
Silver: Matthew Levine

Junior Close-up
Gold: Eli Tanenbaum
Silver: James Abroms

Junior Stage
Gold: Mario Seki

Gold: Tom Frank
Silver: Aki Mitsui

Gold: Tom Frank
Silver: Billy Hsueh

Gold: David Blatter and Leeman Parker
Silver: Chris Lopez

Children’s Entertainer
Gold: Mike Norden
Silver: Chris Lopez

Gold: Roy Saylor
Silver: Andre Paik

Gold: David Blatter and Leeman Parker
Silver: Steve Owens

Most Novel
Gold: Steve Owens

Best Assistant
Gold: Elizabeth Reichelt

PCAM 2014

Congratulations to Mike Norden, the new President of the PCAM. He and Gordon Boyes will be co-chairman for the upcoming convention in British Columbia, Canada. For all the details you can visit:

Contest Deadline

Contest Entry Deadline – July 19 – No walk in Contest Entries.

$5.00 entry fee will be collected at the pre contest meeting.

Please visit the contest page to register, now….