William Watt to Appear at PCAM 2020

William Watt is an exceptional magician from France who now resides in Mauritius. His credits include performing four times at the World Famous Magic Castle and winning numerous awards including:

Winner of the Close-up French Cup in 2011

Winner of the French Close-up Championship in 2012
2nd Prize at European Close-up Magic Symposium 2012

Winner of the Obie Award for the 4F

Originally based in France, William has mainly produced shows in Europe (France, Switzerland, Monaco …) as well as in the United States (Los Angeles).

Since 2016 he has exported his talent to a new part of the world, Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean, where he has already performed a series of shows for major brands such as BMW and various hotel chains namely Beachcomber, Constance, and Lux.

He’ll be kicking off the PCAM with his wonderful style and incredible magic. You can see it all, if you’re registered. Registration is by donation to ensure everyone can afford to participate this year.


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