Louie Foxx to Appear the PCAM 2020

Louie Foxx is no stranger to the PCAM, he’s family! Those who know him know he is more than just magic. In fact, the Louie Foxx One Man Show has

  • Astounding Magic Tricks
  • Side Splitting Comedy
  • Hilarious Cowboy Tricks
  • Eye Popping Hand Shadows
  • And much much more!

What’s that much much more… well that what he’s going to do for us at PCAM 2020.

Join Louie at the PCAM 2020 Virtual convention to learn how to make a PCAM Cocktail! Yes, we will be sending you the list of ingredients necessary to follow along as he guides us on how to make a drink to enjoy during the stage show!

All this and as Louie says, “much much more”.

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