PCAM 2020 is going virtual and we have a date. Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 22, 2020, to reunite the PCAM family! Our plan is to use ZOOM and allow 100 guests to interact, share, and learn magic. We even plan to host a contest or two as is our tradition. More details to follow in our next few posts.

For now, the best news is you can register right now and it’s totally by donation. We know many in our PCAM family are hurt greatly by this pandemic, while others are not affected financially. We didn’t want to exclude anyone so this year, it’s not a couple of hundred dollars to attend and you don’t have to put a dime out on accommodations either. So this year you can pay what you can afford and nothing more. Since our expenses will be lower than normal it’s our intention is to use the funds to help those that help us to make this happen by offering presentations, lectures, and keynote talks.

Check out future post for the line up of guests.




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