MagicianVillage and PCAM 2013 work together online!

Big news! As part of reaching out to our online community, Surplus Magic Exchange andMagicianVillage is promoting PCAM 2013 in a big way!
And if you are a MagicianVillage paid member, you can get a special deal for magician attendees until July 15th! (We also have our very good Magician Discount until July 15th as well.)

But you must be a MagicianVillage paid member to get the MagicianVillage deal.
To join for $25/year, go to

Or check out their free Facebook pages, dedicated to selling lightly used magic items:

But we can only offer deals for only 40 more days, and we are still filling up hotel space until the end of the month.

Hope to see you at PCAM 2013 and the PCAM Online Jam Offline on August 1st!

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