Ice McDonald is coming to PCAM!

Ice McDonald

One more lecturer and performer is confirmed! An international award-winning magician, Kenrick “ICE” McDonald has established a stellar performance reputation with his grand illusions including doves disappearing through impossibly small objects, and the spectacular appearance out of thin air of his Mighty Macaw.

A popular and much-sought-after master lecturer and media entertainment consultant, ICE has crafted an educational series, “I Dove U Truly, Volumes 1 & 2” and “Show Know-Nos”.  ICE has also been honored with his inclusion in the history book, Magical Heroes: The Lives and Legends of Great African-American Magicians and twice on the cover of The Linking Ring the world’s largest international magic publication. ICE was awarded the 2003 Entertainer of the Year by a National Entertainment Organization. Recently ICE was featured in a documentary entitled: The Art and Soul of Magic: the Story of America’s Black Magician.

Commander Lt. Colonel Trent R. Pickering from the United States Air Force Space Squadron, after witnessing ICE’s performance, presented ICE with the Commander’s Medal for Excellence. ICE made a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Produced and Starred in The African-American Master of Magic. Genii Magazine, who recently published a four page article on ICE, dubbed him “The King of Cool”.

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