A Central Location for the Biggest Little Convention

Welcome to the beginnings of a permanent online home for the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians (PCAM).  Every year the PCAM holds the biggest little convention that you will ever attend in a different city on the Pacific Coast.  With the convention moving every year our online presence has often moved with it – but not any more!  This website will soon become the central webpage for the organization and the convention.

Here are just some of the updates and bits of information that you will find here:

  • Information about upcoming conventions.
  • Reviews from previous conventions.
  • Details on past locations and Past Presidents.
  • A thorough index of our award winners (there are some BIG names).
  • A way to connect with other fans of the PCAM (in between the memorable conventions).

Past President, Donovan Deschner, will be in charge of the website, so if you have any ideas for improvements or suggestions for something that you would like to see, please email him: [email protected].

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