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Happy New Year

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas. Well we are only 222 days away from PCAM Bakersfield 2018. Yes, it seems so far away, but it will be here before you know it. The PCAM team is hard at work getting everything ready for the big day. What we have is store is going to be awesome!

We wanted to share with you some of the talent that is coming to PCAM Bakersfield. We have:
Master Payne
Chris Capehart
Kayla Drescher

and just announced today

Joshua Jay is coming to PCAM Bakersfield 2018.

We are very excited and that is just the beginning of our line up!
So keep checking the website and facebook page to see who we announce next.

So we have the contests page up and ready to go. You can now sign up to compete in two categories. As a competitor I can tell you it is some of the most fun you will have. Yes it is a competition and your probably thinking “I am not good enough to compete.”. I will tell you right now STOP IT and SIGN UP! There is absolutely no pressure like you think there would be. Everyone is very supportive and nice. There is no bad mouthing or making fun of any act. It really is fun, exciting, and builds your confidence to a new level. (Especially if you win) I highly encourage you to sign up and give it a try, and I promise you will not regret it.

Ok so some of you want to come in a day early and/or stay a day later at the hotel. We are working with the hotel in getting those extra dates. There will be only a small amount of rooms available for before and after the convention so make sure you get them when it is announced.
Also, make your room reservations NOW! We only held 50 rooms for the $119 price and 20 rooms are already booked up. So I suggest you make your reservations sooner then later, because once they are gone there is no guarantee we can add more rooms. You can click on the link
and you can make your reservations.

So if you are flying to LAX there will be a shuttle van that will be picking people up on August 9th. As of right now the shuttle will pick people up between 12pm (noon) and 1pm. If you can arrange your flights to be before noon that would be great! We can only reserve a certain number of seats for the shuttle van, however if we get enough people for another van then we will arrange it.
There will be more information coming in the next few months of how to reserve your spot, and price.
We will ONLY be providing a shuttle van from LAX airport.

Well that is all there is to report. Keep checking the website and Facebook page for announcements, schedule, and other special things that are happening.
Oh and tell people about PCAM and get them to register!

We want to wish you all very Happy New Year!
Here’s to 2018!


PCAM 2018 Dates & Location Announced

PCAM’s new President, Christopher Lopez has announced that the 85th annual PCAM will be held in Bakersfield, CA from August 9th to the 12th. It’s perfect timing to allow you to attend both MAGIC Live and the PCAM. Who could ask for anything more?

Advance registration is now open and questions can be sent to:

[email protected]

PCAM 2017 Contest Winners

•Category #1: Stage Magic – Juveniles (aged 13 and under)
First place – Theo Chattra
Second place – Cole Farden

•Category #2: Close-Up Magic – Juveniles (aged 13 and under)
First place – Theo Chattra
Second place – Cole Farden

•Category #3: Stage Magic – Juniors (aged 14 to 18)

•Category #4: Close-Up Magic – Juniors (aged 14 to 18)

•Category #5: Mentalism
First place – Ryan Lackey
Second place – Ron Saylor

•Category #6: Close-Up Magic
First place – Ryan Lackey
Second place – Henry Tom

•Category #7: Most Novel or Innovative
Not awarded

•Category #8: Platform Magic
First place – Billy Hsueh
Second place – Care Elise

•Category #9: Stage Magic
First place – Sandra and Heather McNeill
Second place – Ron Saylor

•Category #10: Comedy or Novelty Magic
First place – Alex Seaman
Second place – Christopher Lopez

•Category #11: Best Assistant
First place – Valerie Saylor
Second place – Gwyn Auger

•Category #12: Children’s Entertainment
First place – TIE – Christopher Lopez and Chris Gowan

And of course, we can’t forget one of the crowd favourites,

• “Bag O Tricks” competition.
First place – Glen LaBarre

• S.A.M. #95 One Hand Cut-A-Thon
First place – Jesse Bedard

PCAM 2013 Contest Winners

P.C.A.M. 2013 Contest Winners

“In all my years of running this event I have not seen a more stellar line up like we had at the 2013 Convention.”
– Kevin Cardona

Juvenile Stage
Gold: Aidan Lam

Silver: Matthew Levine
Juvenile Close-up

Gold: Aidan Lam
Silver: Matthew Levine

Junior Close-up
Gold: Eli Tanenbaum
Silver: James Abroms

Junior Stage
Gold: Mario Seki

Gold: Tom Frank
Silver: Aki Mitsui

Gold: Tom Frank
Silver: Billy Hsueh

Gold: David Blatter and Leeman Parker
Silver: Chris Lopez

Children’s Entertainer
Gold: Mike Norden
Silver: Chris Lopez

Gold: Roy Saylor
Silver: Andre Paik

Gold: David Blatter and Leeman Parker
Silver: Steve Owens

Most Novel
Gold: Steve Owens

Best Assistant
Gold: Elizabeth Reichelt

PCAM 2014

Congratulations to Mike Norden, the new President of the PCAM. He and Gordon Boyes will be co-chairman for the upcoming convention in British Columbia, Canada. For all the details you can visit:


Even though PCAM 2013 will be walking distance from the Burbank Airport, some will be flying into the Los Angeles Airport, which means getting a shuttle: we recommendSuperShuttle (@$28/each way).

But if you need there is also public transportation from LAX for less than $10:

From LAX, you can use the FlyAway bus program to Union Station:

From Union Station, you can take the MetroLink’s Ventura County Line Rail:

Make sure of operating times and schedules, which can be found on these websites:

Also check as there are busses and rail service from LAX to Union Station (GreenLine) and from Union Station to Universal Studios/Universal City (Red Line) which is very close to Burbank. (Some of us might even be able to you up, just contact us and let us know when you are expected to arrive..)

Safe travels and see you at PCAM!

MagicianVillage and PCAM 2013 work together online!

Big news! As part of reaching out to our online community, Surplus Magic Exchange andMagicianVillage is promoting PCAM 2013 in a big way!
And if you are a MagicianVillage paid member, you can get a special deal for magician attendees until July 15th! (We also have our very good Magician Discount until July 15th as well.)

But you must be a MagicianVillage paid member to get the MagicianVillage deal.
To join for $25/year, go to

Or check out their free Facebook pages, dedicated to selling lightly used magic items:

But we can only offer deals for only 40 more days, and we are still filling up hotel space until the end of the month.

Hope to see you at PCAM 2013 and the PCAM Online Jam Offline on August 1st!

Advertise with PCAM!

Love PCAM? Supporting a contestant in one of our contests? Or you’d like to make your magic products and services known to our PCAM 2013 attendees? PCAM 2013 has an easy online form to allow you to purchase a 1/3 page ad in our PCAM 2013 brochure.

You can simply scan your business card and upload your own business card size ad, or contact us if you need some help designing one. And thank you for supporting PCAM 2013.

David Regal loves to lecture..

PCAM 2013 is jam-packed with some of the best lecturers and performers you’ll be seeing this year, so we are proud to have the author of “Approaching Magic” lecture to improve your magic.  Registrations at a discounted rate are still available!

David Regal is a television writer and a creator of effects for magicians. His background is live comedy, as a ;member of the main company of Chicago City Limits. Since moving to the Los Angeles area he has served as head writer for Nickelodeon’s Rugrats, and has written for many sitcoms, including multiple episodes for Everybody Loves Raymond.In addition, magic effects of his design are performed around the world.

Jimmy H will amaze you!

PCAM 2013 continues to get better and better with our latest guest, Jimmy H!

At the age of 16 James Holguin was admitted into one of the most prestigious magic organizations for young magicians in the country, The Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle) Junior Society. It was here where James would learn from some of the greats in magic and develop his own style of magic. He developed an act that was set to 1940’s big band music and he would manipulate doves, cards and billiard balls all while dressed in an authentic purple Zoot Suit. This act became one of his trademarks and made him into an award winning magician.